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madame jenny

beauty & spa

 Spray Tan 

Oztan Airbrush

With Oztan’s natural olive tones - a safe and natural looking tan is possible instantly. Renowned for long lasting colour and even fade Oztan solutions dry quickly, are not sticky or oily and produce no typical “fake tan smell”.

The new generation fast processing solutions allow you to shower and show off deep olive tones from just 2 hours after your spray tan session.

Proudly made in Australia with the highest grade Eco Certified Organic DHA and formulated without alcohol, parabens, propylene glycol or synthetic fragrance. Madame Jenny uses a range of spray tanning solutions and tanning moisturisers that will keep you looking radiant.

Enjoy that beautiful just-been-on-holiday glow every day!

Mystic Tan

Madame Jenny Beauty Salon offer one of the best spray tanning services available in Sydney. Our experienced staff apply an even, classic spray tan to your specified requirements quickly and easily- giving you a perfect summer glow all year around. Our spray tanning products are Australian made and contains no alcohol or preservatives for your skins health and your own peace of mind.

We are one of the leaders in spray tanning in Sydney because:

  • Our service is fast and our staff are experienced and reliable
  • We don’t compromise on the quality of our spray tanning products - giving you a more natural and healthy spray tan
  • We offer great deals on both single visit tanning and multiple visit packages

Spray Tan Tips

Before visiting Madame Jenny Beauty Salon for a spray tan

  • Book your spray tan a day or two before you need it if possible
  • Shower 30 minutes before and remove all makeup
  • DO NOT moisturise or use deodorant
  • Always make sure your skin is exfoliated. Concentrate on areas such as knees, feet, elbows and ankles. If you are experience dryness in these areas you may put a little cream on these parts only.
  • Shave and/or Wax – legs, arms etc (do not wait after your tan to do this, you could be ripping or shaving your tan off)
  • Wear loose, comfy clothing and your slip on shoes.

After visiting Madame Jenny Beauty Salon for a spray tan

  • Avoid water and excessive exercise directly after your tan, as you’ll wash your tan off or sweat it away
  • Pat dry after you shower to help your tan last longer
  • Moisturise, this will help keep your tan for up to 7 days and it comes off nice and evenly.
  • DO NOT exfoliate, unless you want your tan off or until your next tan
  • Avoid chlorinated pools and spas.. they will strip it straight off.